EDST with its experience and expertise in product development, web technologies, sales, technical support, project Implementations, people management as well as HCM processes and technologies has launched a suite of products under our CAMeLEAN brand that caters to the enterprise management needs of a wide spectrum of organisations ranging from Fortune 500 Multinational Corporations right down to Small Scale Businesses.

The CAMeLEAN suite of products are modular and are available either bundled or separately. They are quick and easy to deploy and readily customisable to suit your specific needs. While being extremely flexible, these products can also scale up very rapidly. As the name suggests ‘CAMeLEAN’ products are designed to adapt to any organization or environment with minimal or no disruption. Developed on web-centric and easy to use architecture, CAMeLEAN Smart Enterprise Solutions ensure standardization of sales, support, program management and people management processes. CAMeLEAN provides a wide variety of smart and intuitive analytics thereby enabling stake holders to take timely and appropriate business decisions.

CAMeLEAN-SalesStream-Best CRM software

CAMeLEAN / SalesStream is a sales management application which helps an organisation to synchronize all the sales activities and functions keeping customer at the centre to achieve the organisation goals. CAMeLEAN / SalesStream incorporates industry best practices which can be easily adapted for an organisation. It is a business application which can provide important insights and analytics to keep your organisation sales forecasting practical.


CAMeLEAN / HRM (Human Resource Management) is a role based software application that integrates human resources and processes in an organization. HRM revolutionises the workplace by improving HR process efficiency, minimizing communication gap, increasing productivity and improving overall quality. It has been developed on a web-centric and easy to run architecture.


CAMeLEAN / PMS is an enterprise class role-based program management solution that helps organisations collaborate and communicate across projects, time zones and geographies – with the ability to monitor them from a single point. From a single project to enterprise-wide programs, CAMeLEAN / PMS offers a rich tool set that enables alignment of project execution with corporate objectives.