GST has been highlighted by analysts as one of the most transformational initiative taken by the government since Indian independence. The migration to the new regime entails a flawless implementation that relies on variables such as data volumes, business process intricacies, legal entities, and more. With the GST roll-out, it is time to bring your business up to speed.

Enterprise solution provider EDS Technologies Pvt Ltd along with SAP has set up a GST Solution Centre in Bangalore to help businesses to enable seamless transition to GST compliant system and help businesses to achieve greater profitability through business transformation.

At GST Solution Centre, our expert SAP consultants take you through the SAP ‘GST-in-a-box’ S/4HANA package – a comprehensive services suite coupled with a strong infrastructure, ensuring that your current business and IT landscape complies seamlessly with the new tax regime. EDST GST expert team with expertise on taxation, finance, supply chain, warehousing, software application and system integration will help you to understand the key areas of impact to your business model and prepare different scenarios for the design and application of GST. This team has migrated tax codes and implemented GST solution framework for various businesses.

We invite you to visit our GST solution centre to discuss with our consultants and also access solution demos to get a competitive edge. You can find answers to your queries with an end-to-end GST ecosystem at EDST GST Solution Centre.